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     Haunted Decatur Wagon Tours began as a two day event for Callithumpian Week 2011, the tickets for the 6 tours that year sold out the first day so two additional tours were added that year. Due to the demand for tickets each season the event has grown to four October weekends featuring 32 tours for 2023.  Tickets are still in great demand and it is advised to purchase your tickets early.
    Camelot Carriage Rides of Decatur  provides the wagon and the horses for the event.


Max Miller author the book, Tales from the Graveyard Shift, Adams County, Indiana Strange Stories and Urban Legends  will again be your host with an expanded tour and more great true stories.
The 12th Anniversary Tours have expanded for 2023, the 60 minute program will begin  at the "Haunted Dugan Mansion", during which time you will hear the true local stories of ghost and strange happenings that include...

The Human Fly

The Lady in Black

First Cemetery

The Phantom Prowler
The West End Ghost
The Black Widow
Death, Ghost and the Baker Family
Hotel Mystery Guest 
Fall of the Frogs
The Horror Corridor
Baby in the Wall
   and more...
Many of the stories will be presented with authentic photos plus  interactive presentations. 
The tours are family friendly but some stories may be to intense for young children. 
The tours are conducted in an open wagon so please dress with accordance of the weather, blankets and umbrellas will be provided if needed.  Tours maybe postponed for inclement weather, the safety of our patrons and horses will be considered.
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